Valentines Day

Valentines Day is the next Holiday coming up.  Do you have a special person to spend it with?  Check out my two stores for wonderful Bracelets and more that make a statement.  Here is a link to a European Charm bracelet with a Valentine Theme or at this site-Valentine Theme.

How Creative Crafters Was Born

How creativecrafters at Storenvy & creativecrafters2 at Etsy came to be. I have been making all different types of crafts all of my life. Like most of us crafter’s I came from a home where my mother sewed all of our dresses and we watched her knitting all the time. I first started out when I was really little doing needlepoint & cross stitch patterns when I got older I graduated to Knitting, then Fabric Painting-all types Shaded, Puffed Paint, etc. Now Beading of any kind learning more and more each day.

I have also given the crafting bug to my oldest daughter who knits and sews and to my youngest son who loves to draw and paint pictures, and helps me to make the para cord & rainbow loom bracelets.

I have started out just by making a few things while I gave away free items on another site after about 1 ½ years of doing this I started to branch out to Ebay to sell a few items to help pay bills. I am now trying out this store site to branch out and grow a little more. While bringing smiles to the people that purchase my special designs.